What is digital health?

Digital health is about electronically connecting up the points of care so that health information can be shared securely. This is the first step to understanding how digital health can help deliver safer, better quality healthcare.

Features of the My Health Record system

Digital health offers a range of products designed to help you deliver safer, quality healthcare.

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The My Health Record system currently provides access to the following types of healthcare documentation:

  • Shared Health Summary – a clinically reviewed summary prepared by an individual's key healthcare provider;
  • Event Summary – to capture key information about a key healthcare event relevant to ongoing care;
  • Discharge Summary – to support the transfer of a patient from a hospital back to the care of their nominated primary healthcare provider;
  • Specialist Letter – to capture key information about specialist visits;
  • eReferral – currently from GPs to specialists;
  • Prescription and Dispense Records.

The system also enables individuals to add Medicare information, and to create their own personal health summary and health notes.

It provides access for participating individuals (people to whom the record relates, including authorised or nominated representatives) and healthcare providers via the following services:

  • Accessed via the National Consumer Portal and viewed through a compatible web browser;
  • Healthcare Provider: Accessed via the National Provider Portal, an integrated clinical information system, or a patient administration system, with specialist clinical software in use to create these.

Information in the system can be accessed as individual documents or through views which bring together clinical documents (such as prescription and dispense records) and displays them in a predictable way.

Clinical Documents

Clinical documents support the continuity of care, and improve the interactions between healthcare providers and patients.


Foundations combine the basic technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide a safe and secure method of exchanging healthcare information.

National infrastructure

The Agency is leading a national approach to support private, national, state, and territory digital health reforms.

Implementation and adoption

Aspects of the My Health Record system and digital health infrastructure are being implemented within a broad range of Australian healthcare settings, including public and private enterprises, hospitals and community services.

Supply Chain

Australia's health sector is embracing supply chain reform and making significant progress towards an interoperable system that delivers substantial quality and efficiency benefits for providers and consumers.

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Clinical Terminology

Clinical terminology (CT) is a structured vocabulary used in clinical practice to accurately describe the care and treatment of patients. Clinical terminology covers complex concepts such as diseases, operations, treatments and medicines. Healthcare providers around the world use specialised vocabulary to describe diseases, clinical procedures, findings, treatments and medicines.

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Clinical Governance

The purpose of clinical governance is the promotion of safety and quality which, in addition to other capabilities in your practice, digital health can improve.

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