Software Developers Start Achieving PCEHR Connectivity

Fourteen software houses are well underway in achieving PCEHR connectivity after attending a Master Class hosted by NEHTA on 17 May.

The workshop was designed so that NEHTA could work closely with a range of software developers helping them to achieve integration with the system. Over twenty representatives were in attendance on 17 May and were taken through a range of web services from certification to complete integration with the system.

Head of PCEHR, Andrew Howard, said the timing of the event was opportune.

"With the final set of PCEHR specifications and the initial release of the national infrastructure completed the software development community are keen to come together at this critical time." Mr Howard said.

Dean Jones from Shexie Pty Ltd found the day extremely useful.

"It provided a chance to pull together the theory, and have at hand people who could help us put this to practical use. I learnt more in the one day than I had over several weeks," he said.

Attendees left the day understanding what they need to do and the support available to them.

"We are on the cusp of a new era of healthcare delivery in Australia. From July 2012 all Australians can choose to register for an eHealth record, and we are pleased to work closely with the software development community during this landmark period," said Mr Howard.

To date, 17 Vendors are currently using the PCEHR environment and 23 have access to the environment to conduct testing.

A fortnightly webinar is conducted to provide software vendors with further information on PCEHR. [Insert link to PCEHR Standards]