Blog: My Health Record – get on board

Townsville-based GP Dr Ron Malpas has been practising for 30 years.

He is Tiger Corrigan’s GP. Tiger, who is 72 years old and suffers from multiple chronic conditions was featured in the recent My Health Record Men’s Health Kit GP. Here Dr Malpas shares his experiences with My Health Record.

In our practice we use My Health Record widely. We are always trying to upload more, and as many patients’ information as we can. We have an active program to ensure practitioners are aware and conscious of that. Coming up in our in-house education series is a series on My Health Record and how to workload records, how to read records, and how and when to access records, so that all the doctors are aware and are able to use the My Health Record.

I would encourage all health professionals to get on board with My Health Record – from specialist primary care practitioners to pharmacists, because unless we’re all using My Health Record, it’s not going to work for everybody. I think My Health Record is something that we will all, in the future, realise the value of.

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