1,000 provider education sessions, and counting!

The Australian Digital Health Agency, State and Territory health services and PHNs band together to keep clinicians informed about the expansion of the My Health Record system.

With the approaching commencement of the My Health Record expansion opt out period, the Agency’s provider readiness team has continued to drive forward at pace. The entire team has rallied to deliver over 1,000 education sessions across Australia, including sessions with public hospital clinicians, primary health, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled health organisations. The team have travelled to some of the most remote regions in Australia to ensure that clinicians are prepared to support consumers with questions for the expansion, including engagement with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to ensure readiness for regional care providers.

Moreover, through arrangements with key clinical and regulatory peak bodies – including the AMA, the RACGP, and the ACRRM – opportunities for clinical messaging to providers from their peak bodies have been secured.1 This approach is complemented through broad messaging to every AHPRA-registered clinician and self-regulated professionals through the NASRHP.2

PHN engagement

The PHNs (Primary Health Networks) have excelled in the community pharmacy space, reaching 90% of community pharmacies – over 4,900 store fronts. Since commencement of provider readiness activities in September 2017, 1,496 community pharmacies have registered to use the My Health Record, with over 60% (or 2 out of every 3 registered) done on the back of the engagement by the PHNs.

The PHNs have also made impressive headway in their primary health sector engagement, reaching over 81% of GP practices as of June 2018. That’s over 6,400 GP practices, which puts them well on track to reach all GP practices prior to the commencement of opt out.

Public and private health services get on board

The Agency has run regular workshops with state and territory public health services to ensure that these health services are well supported in their mission to reach all clinical and non-clinical staff prior to opt out. These health services have responded enthusiastically to this challenge, and are well on their way to reaching their goals.

Jurisdiction workshop Provider readiness workshop for Agency and jurisdictions representatives

Each state and territory has developed a critical path leading to the 16th of July to ensure completeness of approach and clarity of goals. With the support of the state and territory health services a major component of provider readiness in well on track to support consumers during the opt out period.

The Agency’s provider readiness team has also reached out to the private hospital peak groups and major connected organisations, and have secured broad support to undertake provider awareness activities prior to the commencement of the opt out period. Many institutions and groups have also agreed to provide consumer information in their facilities.

In the run up to the opt out period, we look forward to the continued support of our key delivery partners for a successful expansion of the My Health Record to all Australians, except those who choose not to have one.

  1. AMA = Australian Medical Association; RACGP = Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; ACRRM = Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. 

  2. AHPRA = Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency; NASRHP = National Alliance of Self-Regulating Health Professions.