Protecting healthcare information by updating systems and software

Taking a proactive approach to keeping systems and software up-to-date (patching) is one of the best preventative measures you can take to keep your healthcare and corporate information secure. An information security incident can have a significant effect on the consumer confidence in your healthcare organisation.

“Applying patches to operating systems, applications and devices is critical to ensuring the security of systems.” Australian Cyber Security Centre

To understand the potential impacts and protect your organisation, the Agency has prepared briefing papers for:

  1. Senior Managers – providing a health sector cases study and consumer survey related to failure to patch and key points to ensure your organisation protected
  2. IT Professionals – offering several proactive patch management tips and ways to promote discussions in your organisation about approaches to patch management

One of the benefits of effective patch management is the prevention of some types of ransomware attacks. Read more about preventing ransomware and other ways to protect the health and personal data your organisation handles.

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