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What is digital health?

In this section, pharmacists can find a range of helpful information on digital health benefits, how to use the My Health Record system in your pharmacy and how to promote your pharmacy as being connected. We have also provided a list of helpful contacts, frequently asked questions by pharmacists and additional useful information around policies, procedures, processes, guides with examples, plus a variety of other useful information.

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Digital health benefits

Digital health is already benefiting patients, providers and pharmacists - the overall aim is to improve the health of patients while improving health system efficiencies.

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eMedication Management

Managing the processes of prescribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring of medicines is an integral part of ensuring good health outcomes for all Australians and ensuring cost effective use of medicines. Improving medications management in Australia is a key objective of the National Quality Use of Medicine's Strategy and the National Medicine's Policy. eMedication Management seeks to support these policies and objectives by improving the quality and availability of medications-related information.

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Apply and Register

Once you've registered for digital health, you can start setting up to begin using the system for your Pharmacy. Follow this step-by-step guide to register your pharmacy.

  • Register with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service and the My Health Record system
  • Apply for National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificates
  • Digital health role and responsibilities
  • Apply for Digital Health Online
  • Software products using digital health

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Digital health set up

Once you have completed the application forms explained in the Apply and Register section, and received confirmation that you have been successfully registered for the digital health products applied for, the next step is to set up the products for use within your pharmacy.

  • Set up Healthcare Identifiers (HI)
  • Set up NASH PKI Certificates and configuration

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Using and maintaining digital health

Once your pharmacy has completed the initial steps to connect to the My Health Record system, you will then be able to start using the digital health features in your dispensing software.

  • Using the My Health Record system
  • Digital health training resources
  • Maintaining digital health in your pharmacy

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Additional Information for pharmacists

You can download quick reference guides, policy, procedures, processes and examples of digital health use including a Sample My Health Record system Security and Access Policy, Sample Policies and Procedures for the Life of NASH PKI Certificates, Quick Reference Guide to Register for the My Health Record system via HPOS and SEED, and Network Configuration Guide.

  • Useful Information
  • Digital health helpdesk information
  • Australian Medicines Terminology

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Pharmacist FAQs

If this section of frequently asked questions doesn't solve your problems, call the Agency on 1300 901 001 or contact us.

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