Webinar 3: My Health Record - What's in it and how do I view and upload?

This webinar took place on Thursday 7 December 2017 and outlined the types of information that are typically found in a My Health Record, as well as how to view this information and where possible, upload information. It will be useful for healthcare providers who are connected to the system and ready to start engaging with it.

The Australian Government has invested $374.2 million over two years to transition Australia’s My Health Record system from a self-register model to an opt-out model, and this will mean that from mid-2018 every Australian will have a My Health Record unless they choose not to.

The Agency will be working closely with the clinical peak bodies to support their members in becoming familiar with and confident in using the My Health Record system. As part of this work, the Agency will be hosting a series of healthcare provider-focussed webinars covering an A-Z of My Health Record.

With My Health Record self-registrations having recently surpassed 5 million and the system’s national expansion fast-approaching, now is an opportune time for healthcare providers to get to know My Health Record and embed it into their everyday clinical practice.

The webinar is available to view below:

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