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Share: Issue 1, March 2020

Our first issue of Share for 2020 highlights the Service Registration Assistant, the Child Digital Health Record proof of concept and the continued momentum surrounding electronic prescribing.

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Share: Issue 3, December 2019

Our latest issue features detailed statistics & insights that show how Australians are using My Health Record as well as news about how pharmacies are adopting the Pharmacist Shared Medicine List (PSML) that reduces medicine-related problems. Discover all the milestones the Australian Digital Health Agency achieved in this, our final issue for 2019.

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Share: Issue 2, May 2019

Interoperability comes into focus in this issue. How can we connect better to deliver better health outcomes? The Agency is facilitating a national conversation to find out. Also, find out about the Pharmacist Shared Medicines List, and how it will promote the safer use of medicines. Check out the latest evidence for the benefits of digital health, and global perspectives on the healthcare workforce of tomorrow. Finally, help us to tailor Share to better meet your needs via our reader survey, and see our upcoming events and educational opportunities.

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Share: Issue 1, April 2019

This issue addresses the “big picture” questions: Where is the digital health sector going? What is the role of digital health in the future of health and care? Now that nine out of ten Australians have a My Health Record, senior clinicians John Aloizos and Oliver Frank welcome new ways of engaging with their patients and fellow clinicians. Share your views with us in our reader poll, and see our upcoming events and educational opportunities.

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Share: December 2018

We finish the year with a look ahead to the near future of digital health. Where have we been? And where are we going? Expect to see significant developments in secure messaging, interoperability and children's digital health in the not-too-distant future.

Matthew Ames, a quadruple amputee and father of four, sees immense possibilities for the benefits of digital health; in his view My Health Record is just the beginning of a journey to transform healthcare. The accuracy of this view is increasingly evident, as new models of care are tested across Australia to empower the chronically ill, and "smart" devices play a growing role in extending the reach and quality of care around the world, to cite just two examples.

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Share: October/November 2018

The potential benefits of digital health are clear: greater safety, improved efficiency, and patient empowerment. So it's no surprise that many countries around the world are undertaking their own digital health programs to reap these benefits. So how does Australia's work stack up against international efforts? The new Digital Health Evidence Review summarises the latest research and cuts through the complexity to give you a clear overview.

Back home, My Health Record is still dominating the news, as more and more clinicians, patients and communities discover how it connects and empowers them. But that's not all. Smart phones, secure messaging and artificial intelligence are all making life better through enhanced healthcare delivery.

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Share: September 2018

In September’s edition of Share, we take a look at the story of young Connor Matthews. Connor has cerebral palsy, which means a revolving door of specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, as well as Connor’s regular GP and pharmacist. The Matthews family signed up for a My Health Record so that Connor’s information can be available to his healthcare providers, whether they are based in Geraldton or Perth.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is also working on the national expansion of an electronic prescribing system and a national digital medicines blueprint to coordinate medicines safety initiatives across Australia.

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Share: August 2018

The opt out period for My Health Record has been extended by a month to 15 November 2018, giving Australians more time to consider their options. In the meantime, we look at how My Health Record is benefiting those suffering from chronic and complex health issues, as well as its impacts on the health of local communities.

In other digital health news, a collection of major digital health vendors and organisations have announced a shared commitment to improving health data interoperability. Plus we have information on how the Agency and its partners will co-produce a national digital medicines blueprint to coordinate medicines safety initiatives across Australia.

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Share: July 2018

Australia is in the midst of a conversation about whether to embrace My Health Record or to opt out. As this national conversation progresses, in this issue we hear from pharmacists and other practising clinicians about how this resource is helping them to deliver better care for their patients. Meanwhile, healthcare providers are testing digitally enabled workflows in areas such as aged care, post hospital support, and more. These activities are being coordinated by the Framework for Action, a high level guide to digital health delivery in Australia, which helps to ensure that major digital health projects across the country are harmonised for maximum benefit.

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Share: June 2018

In the lead up to opt out in July, My Health Record is dominating this month's news. Other initiatives are well underway in secure clinical messaging, interoperability, and children's digital health. The common theme in all these endeavours is that we're listening to what the people of Australia – patients and clinicians alike – want and need digital health to deliver.

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Share: May 2018

The big news this month is that all Australians will be offered a My Health Record, unless they choose not to have one. In other news, we’re calling for proposals for innovative, scalable digital health solutions, as well as expressions of interest from clinicians to join a new national network to champion digital health. Last, but not least, find out how we’re connecting remote communities in the Pilbara to My Health Record.

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Share: April 2018

We know that our readers are passionate about how digital health technologies can improve the lives of Australians, patients and carers alike. So if you haven’t already sent us your contribution to the upcoming Framework for Action – guiding the implementation of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – we encourage you to do so soon.

The pharmacy sector is rapidly embracing My Health Record. This month we learn about new guidelines for meaningful clinical use from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, the personal reflections of pharmacist Chris Braithwaite, and TerryWhite Chemmart's My Health Record masterclass, which was launched by the Minister for Health Greg Hunt MP.

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Share: March 2018

This month we invite you to find out how you can participate in implementation of the National Digital Health Strategy and to share your views on the Framework for Action.

Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure outlines a vision for digital health up to 2022, and we have been working with partners across the community to develop a detailed roadmap for its delivery. Earlier this month, we announced the draft Framework for Action and consultation to guide implementation of the strategy’s seven key priority areas. We are looking forward to feedback from consumers, healthcare providers, jurisdictions, peak bodies, vendors and developers across Australia. Submissions are open until next Friday 6 April via our feedback form.

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Share: February 2018

"Consultation, collaboration and co-production" is a bit of a mantra here at the Australian Digital Health Agency. Implementing Australia's National Digital Health Strategy is not so much something that we do as something that we facilitate, in collaboration with stakeholders across Australia.

A preliminary part of any collaboration is of course to talk freely and exchange viewpoints and ideas. Dr Steve Hambleton and Agency CEO Tim Kelsey met with a number of stakeholder groups in Western Australia earlier this month, and we also report on recent conversations with the RACGP's Dr Nathan Pinskier, and Prince of Wales's Dr Andrew Hugman in this issue.

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Share: January 2018

Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure is a strategy for all of us. The work of implementing the strategy in 2018 will be the result of consultation, collaboration and co-production.

This year, we will be delivering the first priority of the strategy: the national expansion of My Health Record. New collaborations with partners in pathology, radiology and pharmacy will mean better access to key clinical information in My Health Record and we are working with the AMA, RACGP, Pharmacy Guild and PSA, among others, as well as colleagues in state and territory health services to support frontline clinicians to take best advantage of the service.

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Share: December 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Share and best wishes to all our readers across Australia and overseas for a safe and happy festive season. This month Morto and Tiger tell us how My Health Record has improved their lives. Meanwhile, pharmacists, pathology labs and diagnostic imaging services are going digital.

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Share: November 2017

We want to highlight our digital health partnerships with patients, citizens, frontline clinicians, industry and the research community that are helping improve the health and wellbeing of every Australian.

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