HIPS - Release Note v7.2

DH-2853:2019 HIPS - Release Note v7.2
Identifier Name Date
DH-2872:2019 HIPS - Release Note v7.1.1 07-06-2019
DH-2793:2019 HIPS - Release Note v7.0 22-01-2019
DH-2445:2016 HIPS - Release Note v6.1 07-11-2016
NEHTA-2263:2016 eHealth Integration Sample Code - Release Note v6.0 31-05-2016
NEHTA-2185:2016 eHealth Integration Sample Code - Release Note v2.0.3 02-02-2016
NEHTA-2040:2015 eHealth Integration Sample Code - Release Note v2.0 27-02-2015
NEHTA-1686:2014 eHealth Integration Sample Code - Release Note v1.0 15-04-2014

HIPS v7.2 is a minor release that incorporates enhancements and defect fixes comprising of ​HPI-I relaxation for Pharmacist Shared Medicines List v1.1, CSP certificates for all functions, IHI searches based on address, IHI creation for newborns and MHR Assisted Registration for dependants.

1. HPI-I relaxation for Pharmacist Shared Medicines List v1.1

Sites with HPI-I exemption can now upload PSML v1.1 documents without HPI-Is.

2. CSP certificates for all functions

Sites with large numbers of HPI-O certificates can now significantly reduce overheads by registering as a CSP organisation. A single NASH CSP certificate can replace potentially large numbers of HPI-O certificates.

3. IHI searches based on address

Sites without access to other IHI search criteria are now able to use a consumer’s address instead. Both Australian unstructured and international addresses are supported.

4. IHI creation for newborns

Newborns can now be provided with a verified IHI.

Applies to newborns less than or equal to 14 calendar days of age at the time of processing. Following creation of the IHI, users can directly proceed to Assisted Registration of the newborn with the My Health Record system.

5. MHR Assisted Registration for dependants

Dependants who are not on the same Medicare card as their parent/authorised representative can now be registered for the My Health Record system using the Assisted Registration process.