Digital Health Developer Program

We have heard formal and informal feedback from the larger clinical information systems developers, specialised service software developers and small health-tech start-ups with innovative patient and healthcare provider solutions to enable better health outcomes for all.

We are now refreshing our Digital Health Developer Program with a renewed focus on how we engage with the developer community to support the evolution and improvement of your products and services, leveraging the functionality of the My Health Record system and supporting foundation infrastructure.

By using the approach used by leading developers such as Amazon, Google and Apple, we are revamping our service to support better engagement with developers, which we believe will help to deliver improvements to the services that you use within your organisations.

A single place to connect, learn and be inspired

Bringing the developer community and Agency together, facilitating easy access to information, support tools and dynamic communication.

In the coming months, we will be launching the new home for developers wanting to engage with the digital health market: This will bring together all the content and capabilities that the Australian Digital Health Agency has being providing in one place, and will be the foundation onto which we plan to build new services and products that will foster innovation in the software development community.

Removing the ambiguity from technical information

Resources at your level, meaningful data and tools that allow you to understand requirements and potential use cases to innovate using My Health Record and other digital health technologies.

The amount of information, tools and data available to developers can be overwhelming. Our new portal will let you search across all our assets and services to find just what you need. We will expand the existing development pathways for the My Health Record to include new segments of the software development community (for example pathology and pharmacy systems) to find the right tool or information for the job.

Personalised, manageable and trackable, when you really need it

Targeted proactive support and account management based on predictable response times, visible progress and personalised contact, using smart tools and self-service where necessary.

We want the Digital Health Developer Programme to meet your needs. We will provide a dashboard for you and your organisation that can be customised to your needs, areas of interest and technical focus. This will include content that you can access from within the dashboard, tools and data that integrate with your own development environments. You can access information about best practice design principles, research and analysis – all focused on what you need, when you need it.

Avoiding delays and roadblocks to maximise innovation

Facilitate innovation with My Health Record through joint initiatives, predictable and clear processes along with visibility of the program roadmap.

We will release roadmaps for products and services that let you plan your own product and service development, and engage with us on the journey through genuine co-design and co-production. And we want to make it easier to work with us by reducing the red tape required to get involved in digital health initiatives.

A robust and consumer focused future for the My Health Record

Co-designing to create a standardised, secure and engaging experience to drive benefits for the Australian public.

We are building a capability around user centred design to support both our own endeavours and those of the software developer community. We will provide access to the Agency's user research and new design principles that reflect the best the world has to offer in user centred design.

Transparent, consistent and measurable processes

Reduce complexity to make connecting to My Health Record less daunting and as easy as possible, while being safe and clearly governed.

By understanding the software developer community and its needs, and combining this with a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks that underpin the safe use of digital health, we will reduce the barriers to entry for innovative products and services that will leverage the growing opportunities for consumers and healthcare providers.

We want your involvement to make this work for you. To ensure utility and benefit of the program to the community.

How will we do this?

Step by step, with you, the software developer community, working with us so we deliver what is needed, not what we thought was needed!

We will personalise our content, provide targeted newsletters and alerts for areas of interest, and release news about our products and services that can support innovation in digital health.

We will make our assets easy to find, whether they be documents, SDKs, APIs, specifications, sample code, tools or new services that we have yet to announce.

But it's not just about the assets. We want to help support the community with events (online and offline) including networking, technical briefings, conference and non- conference based hackathons and connectathons, which bring together the best developers that Australia has to offer.

And we want your involvement to make this work for you. To ensure utility and benefit of the program to the community, we are looking for developer feedback and co-design.

Communication needs to be two-way, to allow you to request features and bug fixes, to allow us to tell you about our strategies, roadmaps, and timelines. All of this needs to be built on transparency and trust.

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