Personal Health Notes v1.1

EP-2282:2016 Personal Health Notes v1.1
Continuity of Care
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Identifier Name Date
EP-1746:2014 Consumer Entered Notes v1.0.1 18-08-2014
EP-0934:2012 Consumer Entered Notes v1.0 27-06-2012

Personal health notes documents allow individuals to record health-related notes in their digital health record. These notes can provide a memory aid for individuals and their representatives. The notes are not visible to healthcare providers.

Consumer Entered Notes has been changed to Personal Health Notes. This is reflected in the name of this end product and the names of its new or updated product components. Names of other product components will be adjusted on their next update.


Product Components of Personal Health Notes v1.1

Product Components of Personal Health Notes v1.1
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-0953:2011 Consumer Entered Notes - CDA Implementation Guide plus Addendum v1.0 21-12-2011
NEHTA-0954:2011 Consumer Entered Notes - Executive Summary v1.0 21-12-2011
NEHTA-0955:2011 Consumer Entered Notes - Information Requirements v0.07 19-12-2011
NEHTA-0957:2011 Consumer Entered Notes - Structured Content Specification v1.0 19-12-2011
NEHTA-1761:2014 Consumer Entered Notes - Template Package Library v1.0 18-08-2014
NEHTA-2285:2016 Personal Health Notes - My Health Record Conformance Profile v1.0 19-05-2016
NEHTA-2283:2016 Personal Health Notes - Release Note v1.1 19-05-2016