Discharge Summary v1.5.2

EP-2656:2018 Discharge Summary v1.5.2
Continuity of Care
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Identifier Name Date
EP-1748:2014 Discharge Summary v1.5.1 18-08-2014
EP-1429:2013 eDischarge Summary v1.5 09-10-2013
EP-1152:2012 eDischarge Summary v1.4 14-08-2012
EP-0935:2012 eDischarge Summary v1.3 12-05-2012
EP-1149:2010 eDischarge Summary v1.1 30-08-2010
EP-1140:2009 eDischarge Summary v1.0 31-07-2009

Discharge Summary documents support the transfer of a patient from a hospital back to the care of their nominated primary healthcare provider.

They capture details about the patient's hospital stay, including the diagnosis, diagnostic procedures performed, the prognosis, medications prescribed and follow-up actions recommended.

The My Health Record system supports the collection of Discharge Summary documents. When a healthcare provider creates a Discharge Summary document, it will be sent directly to the nominated primary healthcare provider, as per current practices. A copy may also be sent to the individual’s digital health record.

Product Components of Discharge Summary v1.5.2

Product Components of Discharge Summary v1.5.2
Identifier Name Date
DH-2658:2018 Discharge Summary - Release Note v1.5.2 24-07-2018
DH-2657:2018 Discharge Summary - Template Package Library v1.5.1 24-07-2018
NEHTA-1151:2010 eDischarge Summary - Business Requirements Specification v1.1 30-08-2010
NEHTA-0960:2012 eDischarge Summary - CDA Implementation Guide v3.4 07-03-2012
NEHTA-0961:2011 eDischarge Summary - Core Information Components v1.1.2 12-12-2011
NEHTA-1279:2013 eDischarge Summary - FAQ Speciality in eDischarge Summary v1.1 04-03-2013
NEHTA-0962:2012 eDischarge Summary - P2P Delivery Technical Service Specification v1.3 14-03-2012
NEHTA-1448:2013 eDischarge Summary - PCEHR Conformance Profile v1.5 09-10-2013
NEHTA-0965:2011 eDischarge Summary - Structured Document Template v3.3 02-12-2011