Event Summary - Release Note v1.4

NEHTA-1842:2015 Event Summary - Release Note v1.4
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-1963:2014 Event Summary - Release Note v1.3.3 31-12-2014
NEHTA-1773:2014 Event Summary - Release Note v1.3.2 18-08-2014
NEHTA-1594:2014 Event Summary - Release Note v1.3.1 05-05-2014
NEHTA-1439:2013 Event Summary - Release Note v1.3 09-10-2013
NEHTA-0994:2012 Event Summary - Release Note v1.2 26-09-2012

This release of the Event Summary end product provides updates for all specification documents of this document type.

The updates are aimed at:

  • addressing issues identified during the implementation of Event Summary specifications;
  • clarifying existing requirements;
  • improving interoperability, clinical safety and privacy through additional requirements;
  • improving usability by incorporating selected recommendations from the Clinical Usability Programme (CUP);
  • supporting additional use cases through relaxation of requirements;
  • supporting additional use cases through additional fields;
  • supporting version 3 of the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT);
  • aligning clinical modelling and CDA® mapping with other document types;
  • resolving errors.