eReferral v1.4.1

EP-1747:2014 eReferral v1.4.1
Continuity of Care
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Identifier Name Date
EP-1747:2014 eReferral v1.4.1 18-08-2014
EP-1431:2013 eReferral v1.4 09-10-2013
EP-0936:2012 eReferrals v1.3 13-03-2012
EP-1154:2011 eReferrals v1.1 11-11-2011
EP-1153:2011 eReferrals v1.0 01-11-2009

eReferral documents facilitate the transmission of significant patient information from one treating healthcare provider to another for the purpose of making a request for further diagnosis or treatment.

The My Health Record system supports the collection of eReferral documents. When a healthcare provider creates an eReferral document, it will be sent directly to the referee, as per current practices. A copy may also be sent to the individual’s digital health record.

Product Components of eReferral v1.4.1

Product Components of eReferral v1.4.1
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-1067:2011 eReferral - FAQ Vendor advice regarding e-Referral questions v1.2 26-08-2011
NEHTA-1449:2013 eReferral - PCEHR Conformance Profile v1.4 09-10-2013
NEHTA-1771:2014 eReferral - Release Note v1.4.1 18-08-2014
NEHTA-1770:2014 eReferral - Template Package Library v1.4 18-08-2014
NEHTA-1155:2011 eReferrals - Business Requirements Specification v1.1 11-11-2011
NEHTA-0967:2012 eReferrals - CDA Implementation Guide v2.2 07-03-2012
NEHTA-0968:2011 eReferrals - Core Information Components v1.1.3 12-12-2011
NEHTA-0571:2009 eReferrals - Environmental Scan - Overview v1.0 01-11-2009
NEHTA-1272:2013 eReferrals - FAQ eReferral Resolution Flag v1.1 04-03-2013
NEHTA-0969:2012 eReferrals - P2P Delivery Technical Service Specification v1.3 14-03-2012
NEHTA-0971:2011 eReferrals - Structured Content Specification v2.1 07-12-2011