Features of the My Health Record system

My Health Record system and Healthcare Identifiers (HI)

Health information for a patient is currently distributed across a wide range of locations including general practices, hospitals, imaging centres, specialists, and allied health practices.

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Clinical Documents

Clinical documents support the continuity of care, and improve the interactions between healthcare providers and patients. Our work supports clinical workflow by allowing important patient information to be shared between healthcare providers electronically.

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eHealth Foundations

eHealth Foundations combine the basic technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide a safe and secure method of exchanging healthcare information.

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National infrastructure

The Agency is leading a national approach to digital health to support private, national, state, and territory reforms by developing a national digital health infrastructure to enable connected health today, and insight-driven health in the future.

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Implementation and adoption

Digital health is being implemented within a broad range of Australian healthcare settings, including public and private enterprises, hospitals and community services. Working with our delivery partners, we have made significant progress in operationalising and enhancing the essential foundations and infrastructure required to enable a truly national electronic health system.

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eHealth Reference Platform

The eHealth Reference Platform (eHRP) is a clinically-validated technical simulation of the key digital health systems in Australia. It provides participants and software vendors adopting digital health an ability to demonstrate and consider new capabilities, to test new software and clinical processes, and to conduct training supporting clinically safe work practices.

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Security and authentication

In order to safely share and manage access to information in the healthcare system, it is essential to be able to authenticate users, including organisations and people. In the My Health Record system, this is achieved through the use of digital certificates that conform to the Australian Government endorsed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standard.

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Secure Message Delivery (SMD)

Secure Message Delivery (SMD) is a set of specifications developed collaboratively by the digital health community including the Agency, Standards Australia, Desktop software vendors and secure messaging service providers. This set of specifications defines an approach to digital health communication using widely supported IT industry standards.

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eMedication Management

Managing the processes of prescribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring of medicines is an integral part of ensuring good health outcomes for all Australians and ensuring cost-effective use of medicines.

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