Set up Secure Message Delivery (SMD) in your Organisation

This step is required for:

  • Organisations who want to use Secure Message Delivery (SMD).

Step 1Your organisation must have registered with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service, and received your HPI-O number(s) in the post from the Department of Human Services.

Step 2Your organisation should have linked your existing Human Services PKI Site Certificate to the HI Service (as part of the Seed Application), or applied for and installed a new one.

Step 3Your organisation should have applied for and installed your NASH PKI Certificate(s) for Healthcare Provider Organisations.

Step 4Your Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) and/or your Responsible Officer (RO) should have established access to Health Professional Online Services (HPOS), by setting up their HI Service Individual PKI Certificate(s).

Step 5You should have published your HPI-O details in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD).

Step 6It is also recommended that your HPI-Is publish their details in the HPD, and these are linked to your organisation's HPI-O by your OMO. This is optional, but is highly recommended if individual providers in your organisation receive correspondence addressed to them by name. This will make it easier for senders to find them and address correspondence to them electronically.

Step 1Publish your End Point Location Service (ELS) details in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

Use of SMD requires the use of an Endpoint Location Service (ELS) which allows other organisations to discover your SMD details in order to communicate with you. Your SMD provider will provide you with the necessary details of their ELS Instance and will advise you/or assist you in publishing your ELS details in the HPD through HPOS.

Step 2Authorise your SMD Provider as a Contracted Service Provider (conditional)

This is a conditional step dependent on your SMD provider. If your SMD provider informs you that you need to make them a Contracted Service Provider (CSP) , it is necessary to authorise them to act as a CSP for your organisation.

You will need to link your HPI-O number to their CSP Number in the HI Service. You will need to contact your SMD provider to obtain their CSP number. The CSP linkage can be done using HPOS by your Responsible Officer (RO) or Organisational Maintenance Officer (OMO). See the HPOS CSP Linking Quick Reference Guide for guidance. Alternatively, you can call the HI Service enquiry line on 1300 361 457.

Step 3Advise your SMD provider of the message types you wish to receive via SMD

Your SMD provider will need to publish the particular message types (e.g. eReferral) that your organisation wishes to receive (and that your clinical software also has the ability to process) via SMD. In most cases, this will be done automatically as part of the product installation, however if your organisation does not wish to receive all the message types your clinical software is capable of receiving you will need to inform your SMD provider of this during set-up.

Currently not all SMD providers are able to interconnect with all other SMD providers. You should speak to your SMD provider about how to test and verify that your SMD has been set up correctly.

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