Connected Care Making a Difference

An Aboriginal Health Service in South Australia is seeing better outcomes for remote patients with the use of digital health.

Living an hour outside of Kingston, a small town in South Australia, Ken1 has a range of chronic conditions and sees a number of different doctors and specialists. When the My Health Record system commenced operation, Ken was very quick to register for a My Health Record having become frustrated that his health information was kept by different people and unable to be shared resulting in, among other things, repeating tests. He has struggled to remember all the details himself and is concerned his care is being affected.

Ken requires a monthly medication check-up from a GP. The Aboriginal Health Service, operating with fly-in GPs, is only able to send a GP to him once every three months, with a Registered Nurse visiting at other times.

A representative from the service contacted the local practice at Kingston to discuss Ken’s care and was pleased to find that the practice was using digital health.

Ken provided his consent over the phone to the Aboriginal Health Service to upload a Shared Health Summary. The Kingston practice committed to uploading an Event Summary whenever Ken visits for his check up, and the registered nurse will do the same on her monthly visits.

Ken is now confident that all the people involved in his care will have the information they need to make the best healthcare decisions for him.

1 Not the patient's real name


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