Bundeena practice wasn't IT savvy

A Bundeena NSW practice wasn't deterred by lack of IT savvy when it made the move to the My Health Record system.  

Initially motivated by the PIP (Practice Incentive Payment) to move with the times, Practice nurse Alison Pritchard says she had minimal experience in health IT when she and GP Dr Jilian Nichols started creating digital health records 18 months ago.

Today the pair have uploaded more than 178 health summaries, and continue to sell the benefits to patients in the area.

“We did not have extensive knowledge of IT but worked through the process together assisted by our Medicare Local.”

They have found the system useful for providing extra communication with the local hospital.

“For example, on one occasion a patient had to be admitted to hospital in an emergency situation and was unable to provide the hospital with his up-to-date medical history and medications, luckily his health summary had been recently uploaded to his My Health record allowing the hospital timely access to his extensive medical history.

“I used to do a lot of work in emergency so I know the value of having this information at your fingertips,” she said.

She also feels that the My Health Record system will empower patients and enable them to be more proactive in the management of their health.

"They will be able to view their My Health Record as a picture that builds up over their lifetime,” she said.

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This first appeared in the Australian Practice Nurses Association Primary Times, Volume 15, Issue 2.